Avinandan Mukherjee

Digital Analytics Consultant


These projects display the engagements in Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Personalization & Targeting, Digital Analytics & Reporting, Tagging & Optimization, Data Warehousing, Cloud Migration Engineering and Data Science. Expertise in executing measurable marketing campaigns, implementing digital analytics solution design, interpreting and analyzing data for driving business solutions by exploring Customer Behavior Analysis in a data driven way.

Data Science

Capstone Project

Certified Data Science professional who has built a Recommendation Engine using Machine Learning. Also experienced in building a customer segmantation, risk forecasting engine, fraud analytics, anomaly detection on few Data Science projects with end-to-end architectural & implementation experience, involving Data Cleaning, Data Wrangling, ML Model Building and Model/Pipelines Evaluaiton using Python. More details for these projects to be added soon...

Technical Skills

  • Python - Pandas, Numpy etc.
  • IBM Watson Studio
  • Data Modelling
  • Data Visualzation

Building Predictive Analytics Model

Data Analytics

Performed Predictive Analysis for a Retail Store using Triple Exponential Smoothing Algorithm in SAP Predictive Analytics and predicted sales of next 6 months. Cleaned and prepared the collected dataset, identified moving averages by de-personalizing the data, followed by applying Triple Exponential Smoothing Algorithm in SAP Predictive Analytics on the re-seasonalized data and finally visualizing by creating a dashboard.

Technical Skills

  • SAP Predictive Analytics
  • Python - Pandas/Numpy
  • MS Excel Power Query
  • SQL- Oracle 11g, SAP BW
  • Tableau 8.1
  • MS Power BI

Store Forecasting

Big Data Analytics

Created robust prediction model on store Forecasting using Big Data Analytics, applied Apriori Algorithm used for association rule learning over transactional database towards Market Basket Analysis in Microsoft Azure on Hadoop cluster framework (Hortonworks) by performing Hive Query Language for rapid data computation, lastly visualizing by creating a dashboard.

Technical Skills

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Hadoop Cluster Frameworks
  • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
  • Hive Query Language
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Tableau
  • Microsoft Excel PowerView

Customer Experience Measurment

Digital Marketing

Developed a website to incorporate a tag management system, web analytics tool and target and persolization tool implementation for measuring customer experience. Measured customer behavior, visitor satisfaction by tracking, persolization & optimization on the digital platform. Also managed digital markeing campaings using an ad manager.

Technical Skills

  • Web Dvelopment Skills
  • JavaScript/JQuery
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Optimize
  • Facebook Ads Manager